Possible Accesses to Raney Poplar Creek Property

There are at least 8 possible accesses to the Raney Poplar Creek property on Lake Gaston in Brunswick County, VA. Some come with the land (grandfathered.) Some will have to be negotiated with owners before use. Access to VDOT Hwy 903 will incur no road fees. Marina Road, Hillside Road and Summit Lane are private roads that we will incur road fees if used.

1) The 20 ft wide grandfathered access to Hwy 903. This access was used for logging in the summer of 2014.

2) The 50 ft wide access to Hwy 903 that Mr. Clary owns. Also shows 1) above.

3) A 50 ft wide access to Hwy 903 that Mr. Kennedy owns and could sell for access if he had not signed a covenant with Mr. Clary contained in the last paragraph of this deed.

4) A 50 ft wide access to Summit Lane across property of the Nellie Seward Estate could be bought for access. See Tax Map 97 and Tax ID Card for TP97-3. Details of TP97-3 and TP97-20B are documented at Plat of a proposed varible width easement ... for what would become Summit Lane. TP97-3 is actually two parcels separated by TP97-20B. Tax Parcel information and plat for TP97-20B is here.

5) The 50 ft wide access that Mr Clary owns at the end of Marina Road.

6) The 50 ft wide access that is currently part of the last lot at the end of Summit Lane owned by Virginia Forestry LLC. Also see Tax ID Card 97H-1-3.

7) The R. R. Brown Estate plat dated 1919 grandfathers in a 20 ft wide access to what would become Summit Lane at the north end of the road from what would become Hwy 903.
Reference the Boundary Division of 33.71 Acres plat
and a Family Division of 10.00 acres plat
and a enlargement clip showing grandfathered 20' wide access to the Raney property from Summit Road. See hi-lited area.
Further documented by Plat of a proposed varible width easement ... for what would become Summit Lane and referencing certified but unrecorded plat of Raney property showing "Old Axle" in north corner matching "Axle Fo(u)nd On Line" in enlargement clip above in the center of the 20' access road and a road agreement on what would become Summit Lane. Per NOTE 2 below, a 20' wide access to Summit Lane is grandfathered also because it is "shown on a plat or deed that is recorded in the Clerk's Office."

8) NEW FEATURE 10.10 acre TP 97 19F provides access to Hwy 903. See tax accessment card 97-19F. See 2015 map showing all four Raney tracts.

NOTE 1: There is a note on several of these drawings that says, "The width of the proposed access road found on a plat in D.B. 73 Pg. 360 is unspecified." This is incorrect. In the lower right hand corner of D.B. 73 Pg. 360 there is a note that specifies New Road = 20 (feet). Additionally, the subject road/easement is specified as 20 feet wide on page 3 of the subject road agreement. In summary, this 20 foot wide easement runs north from Hwy 903 to Summit Lane, takes a sharp turn to the southeast merging onto Hillside Road south to Hwy 903 again east of starting point. See Map with green essement. See same road/easement overlaid in green on Plat Book 73 Page 360, the R. R. Brown Estate dated 1919. I believe that all of the property owners on both sides of the green road/easement have the right to use the entire length of the road/easement.

NOTE 2: In an email dated 7/1/2014 to Meredith Raney from Wanda J. Beville, Commissioner of the Revenue, County of Brunswick, Ms. Beville wrote,
"As for the 20-foot easement, I have spoken with a surveyor who says that it is grandfathered if shown on a plat or deed that is recorded in the Clerk's Office. Anything new that is done must have a 50-foot easement. I have also confirmed this with Leslie Weddington, Planning Director. According to the surveyor, if you were to divide the parcels, the 20-foot easement would be grandfathered to get from Hwy. 903 to your property line, but at that point easements would then have to be 50-foot."

Meredith Raney